This charity is doing amazing work to raise the profile of CMV which is a disease affecting pregnant women and their unborn children with what can be a life changing diagnosis for the families involved. 

What may appear as flu-like symptoms in the mother can lead to the development of a range of symptoms in the unborn child causing severe ongoing health challenges, developmental delays and physical issues such as hearing loss.

For more information on the disease, to read the stories of the families affected or to see how you could contribute to CMV Australia, go to

Fish Vision was engaged to create a responsive website that appeals to both parents and children with cCMV. The site needed to cater for education, donations and online shopping.  

Roles and Services

  • Defining and documenting user experience
  • Visually impressive website design
  • Project Management to completion
  • Information architecture, content mapping and inventory
  • Site testing across all platforms and deployment
  • Concept and brand workshops
  • Website development


Fish Vision used Wordpress to deliver a custom built responsive site for cCMV that provided all the solutions for education, donation and shopping.


 "We approached Fish Vision with a clear objective for a cloud based solution. When you partner with Fish Vision you get the best software, the best implementation and the best support. We couldn't recommend them more highly."

Form Corp

“Any time there has been a query or something that needed resolving, the Fish Vision team is always available to help sort out the problem. They offer a great service.”

Project Manager
Richard Sedin

“Fish Vision has helped me 100% of the way in designing and producing my website. They were patient and answered all my questions, giving me expert advice and a highly professional result. I am busier than ever thanks to the work they did on SEO.”

Zoe Pook

“We have been very pleased with the personal and serious effort Fish Vision has delivered to us under tight deadlines and to a tight budget. They have helped us to transition our platform to the cloud and rebuilt our website - and they’re nice guys!”

Group Publisher
Rayma Creswell

“We are extremely pleased with the final product. The site is easy to navigate, the visuals are vibrant and the page design achieves its goal of driving users further into the site. We are extremely pleased with final result.”

Director of Special Programs/Marketing
Barbara Stafford

"I have been a client of Fishvision for 8 years and cannot recommend them highly enough. They have been innovative and extremely helpful in assisting me to create my website."

“Fish Vision know their stuff and are easy to deal with. The whole team works hard to produce something they know I will love. They don’t overwhelm me with technical lingo, which is why I keep going back.”

The Morton Group

Sara Hood