Mobile apps

There is no doubt mobile is the new digital frontier.  The scene is evolving constantly at franetic pace.  Being a part of this industry means keeping up with the bleeding edge and constantly keeping a breast of the latest trends, and we love doing it!

As with anything in the digital space there many way to "skin the cat". Having a solid understanding of the business model, the projects roadmap and the proposed budget we can work out the best approach for you to reach your busines goals.

We have a solid understanding of UI across all the major platorms and endevour to deliver engaging simple to use applications.  Our proven process allows us to get you live in the appropriate app stores for each platform in a stream lined manor. 

Whether you need a html5, native or hybrid app (or just want to understand which would be the best approach for you) just give us a call or an email so we can set up a time to have a chat.


“We are extremely pleased with the final product. The site is easy to navigate, the visuals are vibrant and the page design achieves its goal of driving users further into the site. We are extremely pleased with final result.”

Director of Special Programs/Marketing
Barbara Stafford

"I have been a client of Fishvision for 8 years and cannot recommend them highly enough. They have been innovative and extremely helpful in assisting me to create my website."

“We have been very pleased with the personal and serious effort Fish Vision has delivered to us under tight deadlines and to a tight budget. They have helped us to transition our platform to the cloud and rebuilt our website - and they’re nice guys!”

Group Publisher
Rayma Creswell

 "We approached Fish Vision with a clear objective for a cloud based solution. When you partner with Fish Vision you get the best software, the best implementation and the best support. We couldn't recommend them more highly."

Form Corp

“Any time there has been a query or something that needed resolving, the Fish Vision team is always available to help sort out the problem. They offer a great service.”

Project Manager
Richard Sedin

“Fish Vision has helped me 100% of the way in designing and producing my website. They were patient and answered all my questions, giving me expert advice and a highly professional result. I am busier than ever thanks to the work they did on SEO.”

Zoe Pook

“Fish Vision know their stuff and are easy to deal with. The whole team works hard to produce something they know I will love. They don’t overwhelm me with technical lingo, which is why I keep going back.”

The Morton Group

Sara Hood